4 Common Causes of Fire Sprinkler Malfunctions

Posted on March 12th, 2019

We all know how critical it is to have proper fire protection, especially for offices and larger commercial facilities where they may be numerous fire hazards. That’s why AMC Fire Protection is dedicated to helping our customers stay safe and up-to-code with our premier fire protection services.

To keep your Philadelphia, PA fire protection sprinkler system working smoothly, it can be helpful to know how to recognize the possible causes of a malfunction. Have a look at some of these reasons why your fire sprinkler system is on the fritz.

1. Unreliable water supplies

If a fire breaks out in an industrial or commercial operation, it is vital that the fire sprinklers be installed correctly so that they have immediate access to the proper water supplies. Unfortunately, the water supply for a fire sprinkler system may be unreliable if the initial installation was not done properly, requiring sprinkler repairs by experienced professionals.


2. Failure to account for nearby sprinkler operations

When a pair of fire sprinkler heads are set up too close together, it can cause a condition known as “cold soldering,” where the water emitted from one sprinkler head cools down the other, preventing the heat-sensitive element from functioning which, in turn, prevents it from releasing water in response to heat. Consult our trained professionals if your establishment’s sprinkler system currently has this issue.


3. Freezing and overheating

Although there are ways to install sprinkler systems that minimize the risk of overheating or freezing, it is a common sight, unfortunately, to encounter sprinkler systems that have not been set up with this issue in mind. Consult our team at AMC Fire Protection to learn how you can ensure that your system has maximum protection from extreme temperatures.


4. Corrosion from rust

Generally, avoiding corrosion in fire sprinkler systems requires eliminating water and oxygenated water from dry pipe systems and removing dissolved oxygen in wet pipe systems. These processes for preventing corrosion are best left to seasoned technicians who are trained in a wide range of fire sprinkler repairs and other types of fire protection maintenance.


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