Why Would My Fire Extinguisher Need to Be Repaired?

Many customers wonder why their fire extinguisher needs to to be repaired when they’ve never actually used it. The answer is simple—like almost anything in this world, normal wear and tear can cause an unused fire extinguisher to become damaged or not work properly. While they are generally very durable, they can still suffer leaks, bumps, and rusting.

Those who have recently discharged (used) their fire extinguisher should have them professionally serviced immediately. Whenever a fire extinguisher is used, it is imperative that it be recharged within a reasonable amount of time so that it is ready to use in the event of another emergency.

Fire Extinguisher Recharge

A common misconception about fire extinguishers is that they can only be used one time. In reality, fire extinguishers can easily be refilled. If you’ve recently used your fire extinguisher, even a little bit or by accident, you should have it recharged before attempting to use it again. If not fully charged, they do not offer the same level of protection as a properly charged extinguisher and are at risk for faulty operation.   

You’ll need to have your fire extinguisher recharged immediately if:

  • It has recently been discharged
  • The pressure gauge needle is outside of the green zone
Fire Extinguisher Hydrostatic Testing

They say nothing lasts forever, and that is definitely the case with fire extinguishers. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) recommends that those that are more than 12 years old be hydro-tested or replaced. Hydro-testing is conducted to determine if the shell of your fire extinguisher has been compromised. The test will identify any leaks or cracks present on the shell that could potentially cause your fire extinguisher to malfunction. If the test determines it needs to be replaced, our team can quickly install a new one so that your building remains up to code. Since we are conveniently located in Burlington County, we can easily reach properties throughout the Tri-State area of NJ, PA, and DE.

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