What is a Fire Pump?

When a fire breaks out, it’s the fire pump that provides water to the sprinkler system. There are two types of fire pumps: electric and diesel.

Electric fire pumps have disconnects that transfer power in the event that a building loses power. Diesel fire pumps are powered by fuel, which must be kept full and regularly inspected. In fact, many electric pumps are accompanied by a diesel back up.

Our fire pump installation services include the following:


Our experienced technicians at AMC Fire Protection are trained to create and maintain constant communication with you. We’re able to iron out the entire plan and answer any questions you have well before installation begins. We go above-and-beyond to fit into your schedule and limit the amount of interference with your building’s day-to-day operations.

Shop Layout

Since every building is different, we are able to design clear and detailed blueprints of your location. We will inform you regarding ceiling construction, firewall locations, and water pressure, as well as any other essential information that is pertinent to fitting your building with the best fire pump layout. We also highlight the layout of pipes, along with their length, size, and location, during our layout survey.

Permitting & Approvals

Before a business takes advantage of our fire pump installation services, a fire protection system permit must be applied for and sent out of state for approval. Luckily, we are able to assist you with the paperwork and help expedite the process of applying for and receiving a permit.


With over three decades of experience in this industry, we’re able to supply your facility with the precise equipment and tools needed to maintain a functioning fire pump system. With AMC Fire Protection, there is no need to go elsewhere to purchase equipment that you know nothing about. We are a one-stop shop, so not only will we acquire the appropriate equipment for your building, but we will also tailor it to your specific needs.

Installation & Follow Up

We are constantly training our technicians with the latest technologies and advancements in our industry. Even after installation, we go above and beyond to make sure your fire pump is running effectively. We’ve installed fire pumps for businesses of all sizes in the Tri-State area. Our fire pump installation service is just one of the ways we have been able to stand out from the competition.

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For over 30 years, we have proudly served the entire Tri-State area of NJ, PA, and DE.

Anyone that would like to find out more about our fire pump installation services can do so by reaching out to us as soon as possible. When it comes to the safety of your building, don’t hesitate to call us today.