There are several potential reasons why your sprinkler system might be malfunctioning. AMC Fire Protection commonly performs fire sprinkler repairs for situations including, but not limited to:

Unreliable Water Supplies

If a fire breaks out in a commercial or industrial operation, it is essential that the fire sprinklers be set up correctly so that they have instant access to a proper water supply. Unfortunately, the water supply for a sprinkler system could be unreliable if the initial installation was not performed properly, necessitating fire sprinkler repairs by qualified professionals.

Substandard Protection for Steam Turbine Generator

There is a popular misunderstanding that steam turbine fires are best extinguished through means other than water, so as to avoid thermal shock. However, while steam turbine fires are relatively rare, the damage that can be caused by a potential fire is often 50-60% of the turbine’s value. Whatever damage may be caused by a large dose of water will invariably be less than the damage the fire itself can cause, making adequate sprinkler protection for steam turbine generators vital.

Failure to Account for Nearby Sprinkler System Operations

When two fire sprinkler heads are placed too close together, it can bring about a condition known in the industry as “cold soldering,” where the water spraying from one sprinkler head cools off the other, preventing the heat-sensitive element from functioning, in turn, preventing it from emitting water in response to heat. Consult our experienced professionals if your establishment’s current sprinkler system has this issue.

Freezing and Overheating

While there are ways to set up fire sprinkler systems to minimize the risk of freezing or overheating, it is, unfortunately, a common sight to see sprinkler systems that have not been properly installed with this issue in mind. Consult our team here at AMC Fire Protection to find out how you can make sure your system is optimally protected from extreme temperatures.

Corrosion from Rust

Typically, preventing corrosion in sprinkler systems involves removing dissolved oxygen in wet pipe systems and eliminating water and oxygenated water from dry pipe systems. These processes for avoiding corrosion are best left to experienced technicians who are trained in a broad range of necessary fire sprinkler repairs and other forms of maintenance.

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