Get a Top-Notch Installation From Our Sprinkler System Experts

Posted on June 24th, 2019

When it comes to the fire protection equipment in your building, such as fire extinguishers and sprinkler systems, you hope you’re never going to have to use them. But if you do have to use them, you shouldn’t just hope they work; you should be sure.

And if you’re a business owner in the area of Philadelphia, PA, you can know your sprinkler system is ready for fire protection with an inspection from AMC Fire Protection.  

Together, our quarterly inspections and annual inspections check all aspects of sprinkler system functionality. If either type of inspection uncovers an issue that puts your building in danger or violates the National Fire Protection Association’s standards, we can make the necessary repairs.

But if you are in need of a new system, we can help with that, too, with Philadelphia, PA’s best sprinkler system installation. From beginning to end, we pay close attention to every step of the process, because a sprinkler system is one of the most important safety features a building can have.

We work at your convenience.

With customer service that makes effective communication its top priority, we schedule the installation to minimize interference with the daily operation of your business.

We help with the paperwork.

We don’t expect you to know all about applying for fire protection system permits or getting this document approved by the state. We have the experience to help you with the documentation you need, so that your installation isn’t delayed by red tape.

We plan the project with shop drawings.

As a work of engineering, a sprinkler system is more complex than it may appear because the ceiling will conceal many of its intricacies. Beneath its exterior, we have to consider details like:

  • The location of firewall locations
  • Water pressure, water quantity, and other hydraulics-related factors
  • Pipe layout, including lengths, sizes, and locations

By analyzing all of this information with thorough shop drawings, we’ll be fully prepared when it’s time for the installation.

We supply our own parts (some of which we fabricate ourselves) and install your system to keep your building safe and legally compliant.

To make safety easy with a sprinkler system installation in your building, contact us today.