Tips to Ensure Your Sprinkler System Does Its Job

Posted on July 28th, 2019

If your office or facility were to experience a fire today, would your current sprinkler system activate and contain the fire? 95% of the time, your sprinkler system will do precisely what it’s supposed to do. However, there are still several things you can do to boost your chances of success even more. Courtesy of AMC Fire Protection, your source for commercial fire sprinkler systems in Philadelphia, check out these tips that you as an owner or manager can act on to make sure your investment never goes up in flames.

  • Yearly, your sprinkler system needs to be inspected by an experienced contractor. This annual process includes maintenance and inspection of the sprinkler heads, valves, riser pipe, and fire pump if necessary, as well as a main drain test. If your sprinkler system incorporates an anti-freezing loop or a dry pipe valve, then these need to be checked yearly as well.
  • Every five years, you should schedule an internal assessment by a licensed and qualified contractor. This will help to ensure there are no foreign materials in your sprinkler system’s piping or system blockages that could prevent your system from functioning when it needs to. Objects and materials that could prevent your sprinkler from activating include rocks, sludge, and rust.
  • Every quarter, check to be sure the caps are on your water intake connections, referred to as Fire Department Connections. These are located on the outside of the building. During a fire, this is the place where the fire department will hook into your factory or building to assist your sprinkler system by supplying water to the standpipe system. Also, ensure that the area around the Fire Department Connection is clear of debris, fully visible, and can be accessed easily. Remember that the caps may break, fall off, or even be stolen or vandalized over time. Missing caps can lead to inorganic or organic materials infiltrating your sprinkler system. 


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