What is Backflow?

As clean water flows to homes and businesses through municipal water lines, dirty water flows back through the clean water lines, which is known as backflow. It is often found at cross-connections between clean and dirty water within residential, commercial or industrial systems. Feces, chemicals, pesticides, and other hazardous materials are known to contaminate the water. Water contaminated with these dangerous substances is a serious health hazard if consumed.

Backflow Prevention

While most models are made up of a pair of mechanical check valves, backflow prevention devices are still necessary to prevent dirty water from flowing back into the clean water supply. Proper installation of the right backflow preventer will ensure that the water is clean and safe for drinking.

Backflow Testing

In most cases, the National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) and other local codes require any and all backflow valves to be inspected on an annual basis. These annual inspections are put in place to ensure that the property is in compliance with the local code in order to maintain safety. Businesses that fail to maintain code standards are subject to fines and other consequences.

Quality Service

AMC Fire Protection technicians are happy to help any building or business stay up to date and in compliance with all standards and regulations. Our annual testing, repairs, and installation have helped us stand out from the competition for more than 30 years. Our technicians are well-trained to handle jobs of all sizes in order to keep your property safe.

Why AMC Fire Protection?

When it comes to ensuring the safety of your building as well as the people inside, it is important to choose a company that holds themselves to the highest level of professionalism. For over 30 years, we have proudly offered backflow preventer service to businesses throughout Burlington County, NJ,  and the surrounding Tri-State area, including PA and DE.

We don’t stop at backflow preventer services either — AMC Fire Protection goes above and beyond to keep businesses and facilities of all sizes safe from fire with a variety of services which include but are not limited to:

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