How Can I Tell If My Fire Extinguishers Are Working?

Your fire extinguishers are sitting inactive for a vast majority of the time, so it’s difficult to tell if they would work properly if you’d ever need to use them. The best way to make sure they’re working properly is to schedule routine inspections, which should be done by a professional at least once a year. They must also undergo a complete breakdown and internal inspection every six years.

How Often Do I Need Inspection and Testing for My Fire Protection System?

In most cases, you should schedule inspection and testing services for your fire protection system once a year. Our team at AMC Fire Protection can catch and correct any problems with your fire protection system with annual maintenance. It’s also important to perform simple inspections and testing between yearly visits.

Do I Need to Have Both a Fire Alarm and Fire Sprinklers?

Yes, a fire alarm and sprinklers are both critical pieces of fire protection equipment. Fire alarms are used to spread the word about a fire. They not only alert the people in the building but also the fire department so that they can quickly dispatch trucks to your location. Sprinklers, on the other hand, get to work immediately to help put out the fire.

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