Annual Inspections

Inspecting fire safety and protection equipment isn’t an option — it’s mandated by law. In fact, these systems require not just inspection, but certification as well. Our technicians are highly trained when it comes to creating safe environments. They can ensure that your system is completely operational and compliant with local ordinances and regulations.

At the very least, a fire protection system must be inspected on a yearly basis, and sometimes even more often. We perform all of our inspections according to code requirements and can provide you with a comprehensive examination as well as full maintenance services for your fire protection, detection, and life safety systems. Our inspection services include:

Backflow preventer inspection

We check your backflow preventer to ensure you won’t have non-potable water steaming back into your usable water supply. This is important to avoid an unhealthy and dangerous environment.

Fire extinguisher inspection

We check all hoses and nozzles, and examine the units for damage, rust, and proper pressure. We also make sure they’re in compliance with all laws and fire codes.

Fire sprinkler inspection

Your sprinkler systems need to be tested often, depending on the specific requirements of the equipment. This includes verifying water flow, properly positioned gauges, and flow alarm.

Fire pump inspection

Since they’re used to create pressure for fire suppression systems, inspecting the pump to make sure it’s in operating condition is essential to a properly working system. This can include testing and other maintenance to the unit.

Testing All Components and Systems

Because fire protection systems consist of many complex components, it’s essential to perform thorough inspections of each part of your sprinkler, clean agent, and fire alarm systems.

Fire Sprinkler System Inspections

We’ll visually inspect all system components for damage and spacing orientation while ensuring efficient operation. Our team will also perform a timed test of water flow as well as check your control valves, drain, and system pressure. Your fire department connections will even be inspected for accessibility, damage, and debris.

Fire Alarm Inspections

When we inspect your fire alarm, we do more than simply test the function of the system. We’ll also investigate the sensitivity of the smoke detectors and make sure that the system was installed correctly, all for the safety of you and your company.

We even feature testing for clean agents, CO2 pressure systems and foam systems.

Keeping You Safe and Compliant

Regardless of the type of fire protection system or life safety system you have, we can properly inspect and maintain it. AMC Fire Protection’s team of experts features licensed and certified field technicians who can make sure that you’re on a regular inspection, maintenance, and testing schedule. This way, we can create a plan that’s customized for your personal needs and schedule, all while ensuring that your facility complies with all regulations.

Peace of Mind

You can’t put a price tag on peace of mind. And that’s exactly what you get when you hire us because we’re licensed to test all kinds of fire protection systems around the U.S.

Since we have one consistent, dependable company that provides so many different fire protection services under one roof, you can be sure your service lives up to our reputation as the country’s premier fire inspection company.

Proudly serving New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware, we can provide your facility with expert inspection and maintenance that your fire protection systems require. To schedule your inspection, give us a call today!