Wet Sprinklers

Perhaps the most familiar type of sprinkler, these systems have pipes that are always filled with water and ready to combat a fire. They are most commonly found in office buildings, hotels, and other similar environments.

Dry Sprinklers

For environments such as warehouses and walk-in refrigerators where the temperatures are typically lower, a dry sprinkler system may be appropriate. Rather than having water in the pipes, pressurized air or nitrogen is used to hold back the water. When the system activates, the water is then released.

Clean Agents

If you have valuable or delicate assets such as telecommunications equipment or important paper documents, then a clean agent suppression system may be the ideal choice. Not only will it extinguish a fire quickly, but it does not require any clean-up afterward.

Foam Suppression

In places where water is not able to be used to extinguish a fire, foam suppression systems may be the answer. They are frequently used in applications such as airport hangars and facilities that house flammable liquids.

Restaurant Suppression Systems

Restaurants need special considerations for suppression systems due to flammable cooking oils and equipment. Our team is trained to choose the best system to meet the unique demands of this industry.

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