Have You Had Your Fire Extinguisher Tested Lately? It Might Need Repair, Replacement, or Refilling

Posted on April 10th, 2019

For more than 30 years, AMC Fire Protection has been inspecting and repairing fire suppression equipment, including fire extinguisher inspection in Philadelphia, PA, Burlington County, and other locations in the tri-state area of NJ, PA, and DE.  

One of the most basic, and important, pieces of fire suppression equipment is your fire extinguisher. The National Fire Protection Association requires all businesses to have them, but there are further regulations regarding what types you need and where you need to keep them.

1. Consulting

Our fire extinguisher service has helped businesses in Burlington County, Philadelphia, and other locations in NJ, PA, and DE through every step of the process, and we can help your business get safer, too:

Different environments need different types of fire extinguishers, and we’ll tell you which type of extinguisher is best for your business. From Stored-Pressure Water Portable extinguishers to Wet Chemical Hand Portables, from Class A to Class K, we know all there is to know about fire extinguishers, and we can help you make the right decision about which type to get and the best place to install it.

2. Fire Extinguisher Inspection

Part of AMC’s fire extinguisher service is providing inspections to make sure your extinguishers stay ready to use if needed. We conduct hydrostatic testing to identify any leaks or cracks in the extinguisher’s shell, and if the tests show that your business needs a new fire extinguisher, we can quickly and conveniently install a new one so your building does not stay in violation of fire codes.

3. Repair and Recharging

Keeping your fire extinguishers in perfect working condition is critical to the safety of your business and employees. Even something that looks as minor as a dent or some rust can affect the extinguisher’s performance. And if you’ve used your extinguisher recently, or the pressure gauge needle has fallen below the green zone, it needs refilling. This is called recharging, and it’s a simple process we perform to make the fire extinguisher function the way it should.   

Here at AMC Fire Protection, we’ve been living by our motto, “Protecting Life and Property,” and keeping businesses in Philadelphia, Burlington County, and other locations in NJ, PA, and DE protected for more than 30 years. Let us help you keep your business safe by calling us at (856) 608-7878.