Keep Your Building Safe with a Sprinkler System Inspection

Posted on May 29th, 2019

Hopefully, you’ll never have to use the emergency sprinkler system in your building. But if you do need it, having one that works properly can literally be a life-saver.

Here at AMC Fire Protection, we install and provide maintenance for sprinkler systems in commercial buildings in the Philadelphia, PA area.


Based on the standards set by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), sprinkler performance has to be tested periodically, though frequency varies. Some aspects of sprinkler performance have to be tested weekly, while other aspects can go up to five years without an inspection.

At our quarterly and annual inspections, we run down a thorough checklist to make sure your sprinkler will do its job if needed. For example, we look at the valves to ensure that they’re sealed and free of damage that can lead to leaks. Also, we test the pressure and condition of sprinkler gauges and relief valves. Then we check the visibility and condition of fire department connections and assess the status of the supervisory alarm devices and water flow alarm.

Annual inspections include tasks like checking the condition of fittings and water supply piping. We also make sure that spare sprinkler heads are available on-site and in working condition.


During an inspection, we often notice problems, that, if left unaddressed, can leave a building in violation of NFPA codes.

But if you let us take care of your maintenance, your business will be protected from fire and safe from the consequences of NFPA violations. If we notice any problems like rust, heating issues, an unreliable water supply, low power, or insufficient protection for your system’s steam turbine generator, we can make the repairs to get your system back up and running the way it should be.

24/7 Emergency Repairs

Sometimes, it doesn’t take an inspection to know there’s a problem. Contact us any time of day, any day of the week, for our emergency repairs.


We also perform sprinkler system installations to the Burlington County, NJ area. Throughout the entire process, we’ll communicate with you so that we don’t disrupt your busy schedule. Our experts will handle the planning and layout, and even help with filling out permits and other steps in the application process. We’ll also help you select the best system for your building, and since we do our own fabrication, the pipes and equipment will be personalized to meet your building’s unique specifications.

For inspection, repair, installation, and more, contact us today!