An Overview of Restaurant Fire Suppression Systems

Posted on December 28th, 2018

When you’re running or managing a restaurant, one of your first priorities is the safety of your employees and customers, making it critical to have a working knowledge of the fire suppression systems that are available.

In addition to hand-held fire extinguishers, every restaurant ought to have a fire suppression system that meets their establishment’s particular needs. In this month’s blog, AMC Fire Protection is presenting you with a quick rundown of what you need to know about restaurant fire suppression systems.

How a Restaurant Fire Suppression System Works

Different brands provide slightly different features, though most suppression systems will provide the standard basic features. The suppression system connects to both the hood over the cooking station and the gas line running through; when tripped, the gas line automatically shuts off to kill the fuel source.

Meanwhile, the nozzles on the cooking station hood will discharge a specially designed water-based chemical containing a compound designed to fight grease fires. As the extinguished fire produces a fair amount of smoke, the hood will kick on to remove any smoke from the kitchen.

Different systems will have distinct ways of detecting a fire, so be sure to consider this when choosing your system. Further, make sure that manual activation comes as an option for your restaurant’s unit in case the fire does not trigger the system at a moment of need.

Choosing the System That’s Right for Your Restaurant

Suppression systems come in a broad range of size variants. The system is normally a part of the current kitchen hood. Every six months, your AMC Fire Protection service providers will inspect the system to ensure that it is up to code, and adjust nozzles and make repairs as necessary. While no two restaurants are identical, most kitchens share similar features, making the setup rather simple and customizable to fit your restaurant’s needs.

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